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10 Most Popular and Beautiful Football Players Wives

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3. Alexandra Ivarsdottir

Alexandra Ivarsdottir

While serving as Miss World in 2008, Alexandra Ivarsdottir won two prominent beauty pageants: Miss Iceland in 2008 and Miss World Sport in the same year. She was permitted to skip the first round of the competition because she placed among the top fifteen models at the time. She dated Gylfi Sigursson for years before they got married.

5. Raquel Mauri

A well-known football player from Croatia is Ivan Rakitic. Their bond is extremely fascinating. The girlfriend of Barcelona player Rakitic is 30-year-old hotel bar worker Raquel Mauri. When Rakitic apparently saw Mauri working as a waitress while in Sevilla to complete his move, he reportedly told his brother, “I’ll sign the deal tomorrow… and I’ll marry this waitress.” They were wed in April 2013, and they had their son Althea a year later.